Unveiling Scotland’s Role in the Cold War: A New Exhibition Experience

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A new exhibition will explore Scotland’s role in the Cold War. Featuring nearly 200 objects, the exhibition will focus on the Scots at the center of the conflict, as well as the country’s geography and topography that provided a useful base for Allied military preparations and research during the Cold War. The exhibit will also highlight Scotland’s history of Cold War-era protests and activism, providing a Scottish perspective on the period, and sharing stories from Scots from all walks of life. The physical remains of the Cold War, including ruined bases, forgotten bunkers, and decommissioned nuclear power stations across the Scottish landscape, will also be revealed in the exhibition. This infrastructure became a part of local communities, with specific sites, such as the US-controlled radar base at Edzell in Angus, now commemorated with its own bespoke tartan. Overall, the exhibition aims to shed light on how the Cold War impacted every aspect of life in Scotland for decades.

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