Exploring Stockbridge Through a Photo Essay

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It’s no secret that Scotland spends the majority of its time wet and grey looking – but what it lacks in sunshine, it makes up for in its vibrance of art and culture.
Our photographer Rachel Bolton takes a walk around Stockbridge to explore this part of the city.
The name Stockbridge is originally derived from the Old Scots word “stock – brig” (from Anglic “stocc brycg”), meaning timber or log bridge. Whichever part of Stockbridge you start at, it is impossible to not notice and admire the brilliant architecture of the area.
Although there are different blends of both modern and historic elements of Stockbridge, you are instantly taken back in time to the 18th and early 19th Century with the Georgian style architecture and cobbled streets lining most of the neighbourhood.
Built in the early 19th Century, Circus Lane is no stranger to the world thanks to its curving mews and beautiful atmosphere.
One of the main things to admire within Circus Lane is that of St. Stephens Theatre – formerly St Stephen’s Church.
Built in 1827-28 and designed by architect William Henry Playfair, the Theatre is one of few buildings that you can see from quite far up the hill, nearby to the town centre of Edinburgh.

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