Russell Crowe uncovers his ancestry connected to Scottish Jacobite uprising

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Actor Russell Crowe has recently uncovered some interesting findings about his family history. He revealed that he is related to Simon Fraser, the 11th Lord Lovat, a Scottish Jacobite. Fraser, also known as The Fox, was infamous for his support of Bonnie Prince Charlie and his subsequent execution in 1747. Crowe shared this discovery with his fans on social media, adding that Fraser has a colorful and controversial history.

Fraser’s notoriety stems from his role in the Jacobite rebellion and his eventual execution at the Tower of London, where he was beheaded at the age of 80. Crowe also mentioned a humorous anecdote about Fraser, claiming that he was still laughing moments before his death, giving rise to the expression ‘laughing his head off.’

In addition to his connection to Fraser, Crowe provided some historical context about his relative’s turbulent life. Fraser was previously sentenced to death in 1698 for a scandalous incident involving the widow of his late clan leader. He escaped to France and later returned to Scotland as part of a Jacobite mission, where he was eventually captured and condemned to death following the defeat of the rebellion at the battle of Culloden.

Overall, Crowe’s revelation about his ancestral link to Simon Fraser sheds light on an intriguing chapter of Scottish history, providing a unique glimpse into the actor’s personal heritage.

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