History Comes Alive in Spectacular Performance of Hamilton at Festival Theatre Edinburgh

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Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton has become a social phenomenon, making a huge impact in both Broadway and West End. The show, now touring in the UK & Ireland, is a must-see. The cast, including DeAngelo Jones, Shaq Taylor, Billy Nevers, and KM Drew Boateng, delivers a powerful performance that will leave you mesmerized. The production starts off strong with the explosive number ‘Alexander Hamilton’, drawing the audience in with its intensity. Shaq Taylor shines as the protagonist, Alexander Hamilton, bringing a raw energy to the role. His portrayal of Hamilton’s rise and fall is both captivating and emotional. Aisha Jawando’s portrayal of Angelica Schuyler is equally impressive, showing both wisdom and longing in her performance. The supporting cast, including Charles Simmons and Daniel Boys, also deliver standout performances that complement the show perfectly. Credit must be given to Lin-Manuel Miranda for his exceptional writing and storytelling skills that keep the audience engaged throughout. Hamilton is a must-see show that will leave you wanting more. Don’t miss it when it comes to Festival Theatre in Edinburgh from Wed 28 Feb to Sat 27 Apr 2024. Tickets are available now.

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