BBC Scotland’s Home of the Year Star Anna Campbell-Jones Unveils Exclusive Homeware Collection

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BBC Scotland’s Home of the Year presenter Anna Campbell-Jones has launched a new homeware brand.

Having honed her skills at the prestigious Glasgow School of Art, Anna went on to make her mark in prominent London practices, before opening her own interiors design business, Habitus, in Glasgow.

With her newly launched eponymous brand, Anna is breathing new life into the timeless elegance of painter Norman Wilkinson’s iconic watercolours.

Named after Shipping Forecast areas, Malin, Lundy, and Forth, the designs adorn a range of products including lambswool throws, cushions, stationery and art prints.

Every product in the collection is crafted in Scotland. Anna wanted to support local artisans and source materials locally from the UK.

‘I believe a home is a reflection of one’s identity, and design plays a crucial role in expressing that identity’, says Anna.

‘My aim is to create products that are not only visually striking but also resonate with individuals on a deeper level.’

The Unlikely Hero: Norman Wilkinson’s Legacy by Anna Campbell Jones

Born in 1878 in Cambridgeshire, Wilkinson’s humble beginnings belied his extraordinary talent.

Despite facing initial resistance from his parents, he pursued his passion for art, eventually studying at the Portsmouth and Southsea School of Art.

It was during this time that he forged connections with luminaries such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, whose support would prove invaluable in shaping Wilkinson’s career.

Wilkinson’s fascination with ships and the sea blossomed during his time in Portsmouth, where he became renowned for his maritime paintings.

However, it was his experience during World War I that would catapult him into the realm of legend.

Amidst the chaos of war, Wilkinson conceived the idea of dazzle camouflage—a bold and disruptive design intended to confuse enemy attackers. 

Drawing inspiration from the patterns found in nature, such as those exhibited by zebras, he created a series of striking designs that adorned ships with vibrant colours and contrasting tones.

The British Admiralty, recognizing the potential of Wilkinson’s concept, established the Dazzle Section under his leadership.

Collaborating with female academicians from the Royal Academy of Arts, Wilkinson oversaw the creation of hundreds of designs, which were meticulously tested and applied to ships with remarkable success.

Wilkinson’s influence extended beyond the shores of Britain, as he travelled to Washington D.C. to establish the U.S. Navy Department on Dazzle Painting.

His efforts resulted in over a thousand unique designs being implemented across the American fleet, further cementing his legacy as a pioneer of maritime camouflage.

Wilkinson’s contributions continue to resonate within the worlds of art and design, not just with my own signature brand. His daring approach to camouflage not only saved lives but also inspired a renaissance in modern art, influencing movements such as Vorticism and leaving an enduring legacy that transcends generations.

From humble beginnings to international acclaim, his journey serves as a testament to the transformative potential of artistic vision and imagination.

Anna’s illustrious career has been marked by milestones and accolades, including a leading role as a presenter-judge on BBC Scotland’s Home of the Year. Through her social platforms, she continues to inspire a loyal and engaged following, championing sustainability and self-expression in design.

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