What is a Close Protection Unit and the Situations they Handle

What is a Close Protection Unit and the Situations they Handle

A close protection officer is typically a man, but a close protection unit (CPU) assists in the protection of high-profile individuals. The most well-known PUs are those that protect celebrities and other VIPs such as royalty, politicians, and oligarchs. These units have been around for decades, but it wasn’t until 1997 that the United States government recognized them as a profession and certification was established. Close protection units (CPs) are mostly used by wealthy individuals and corporations to provide personal security services. A close protection unit can be made up of people who are employed by the individual or corporation, family members, or a private agency. These units are usually comprised of a team of six guards, one bodyguard for each of the woman in the unit, and one commander. The bodyguard will have professional certification from the British Security Industry Authority (BSIA), which is a part of the UK Home Office.

Types of Personal Bodyguards

An all-female close protection unit is an interesting concept. These types of personal bodyguards work by protecting individuals who are in high-risk situations. They have a history of being used by celebrities and business people, but there has only been one company listed on the market that offers this type of protection service. Personal bodyguards are hired by people who need protection from those that wish to harm them. Some of the types of personal bodyguards are close protection officers, security guards, and private investigators. An all-female close protection unit is an organization that is made up of women that can protect their client from any kind of threat. While bodyguard training programs vary from country to country, the International Security Association provides guidelines for training agencies.  The program must consist of a minimum of 40 hours of instruction. It must also include at least three days of weapons instruction and two days of physical fitness training. To be effective in the field, female close protection officer should follow certain guidelines when they are protecting individuals. The most important guidelines are given by the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct, commonly called COSO. They have a detailed set of guidelines that outline what is and what is not acceptable behavior for any agent who will be in charge of the safety of others.

All-Female Close Protection Unit Structure

The all-female close protection unit is made up of four members with different skills. They are responsible for protecting high-profile individuals in the region. Each member specializes in a specialty area, such as logistics and intelligence gathering. The unit is one of the most elite units in the country, but it still has to be able to meet their objectives without compromising their integrity. The close protection team consists of four female and one male members who are trained in martial arts and weapons. Blackwater Group, a private military company founded in 1996, provides close protection and security services to civilians and government officials. In this capacity the company is involved in close protection for foreign dignitaries and visiting heads of state, the United States Special Forces’ VIP protection operations within Iraq, Afghanistan, and other parts of the world, as well as providing armed escorts for U.S. State Department officials.