The Women of Lussa Gin: Taking the Lead in Production

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Claire Fletcher, Alicia MacInnes and Georgina Kitching, three friends and neighbors from the remote island of Jura, decided to create their own luck by starting a gin distillery called Lussa Gin in 2015. With limited job opportunities on the island, especially for women, the trio wanted to make something for themselves. They shared a love for their community, the landscape, and gin, which led them to start their own distillery.

Their goal was to put Jura on the gin map, and they have succeeded in producing 10,000 bottles a year that are sold worldwide. Despite the challenges of being located on a remote island with limited access to the mainland, the women are committed to sustainability and grow and forage most of the 15 botanicals used in their gin right on the island.

Their dedication to self-sufficiency is evident in their distilling process, as they freeze the ingredients once they are picked to ensure enough supply for the year ahead. This unique method results in a lighter and more aromatic flavored gin. The women have also received support from the local community, with extra pairs of hands hired over the summer to help with foraging.

Their commitment to sustainability and quality has paid off, and they are proud of their unique and aromatic gin, which is enjoyed by people all over the world.

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