The Reverend Richard Coles Takes His New Show to Scotland

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Reverend Richard Coles has expanded his UK tour and is heading to Scotland for a series of shows. Before the Scottish leg of his tour kicks off, the broadcaster, former vicar, and member of The Communards sat down with chief sub-editor Rosie Morton to discuss what audiences can look forward to.

Coles will be visiting Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, and Inverness as part of his tour, which is based on his show Borderline National Trinket. The show takes its name from a comment made to Coles at an event, where someone referred to him as a “national treasure,” and his late husband quipped that he was more of a “borderline national trinket.” The show also delves into Coles’ realization that his life story, as detailed on his CV, might seem unbelievable to an outsider.

One of the highlights of the live experience for Coles is the interaction with the audience, as he enjoys the opportunity to hear about their own experiences and perspectives. As a former member of a pop band, a vicar, and a broadcaster, Coles appreciates the unique energy of a live performance and the connection it fosters with the audience.

In addition to discussing his show, Coles also talked about his love for whisky and his preference for a Speyside malt as a post-show ritual. He also reflected on his earliest memories of Scotland, including a memorable trip to Edinburgh.

For more information about Reverend Richard Coles’ UK tour and to purchase tickets, visit his website.

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