The Brave Role of Scotland in Securing the 1994 Rugby World Cup

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The 1994 Women’s Rugby World Cup is a story of determination and empowerment that is being brought to the stage in a new production called “90 Days.” The tournament was originally supposed to be hosted by the Netherlands, but just 90 days before the event, they canceled. Scotland stepped in and rescued the tournament, becoming the unlikely saviors of the World Cup.

“90 Days” will premiere at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh on 12 April, telling the story through the eyes of the players and revealing the challenges and prejudice the women’s game faced in the early years.

Sandra Colomartino, ex-Scotland Captain and creative director, felt it was time to give back to the sport she loves by bringing this story to a wider audience. “90 Days is a story of self-belief, empowerment, and sheer bloody mindedness,” she said.

Sue Brodie, chair of So Strong Productions, expressed pride in being a part of the team that brought “90 Days” to the stage on its anniversary. The story is one of passion, determination, and collective effort, showing the impact it had on international women’s rugby.

The scriptwriter, Karen Millar, highlighted the unfairness that occurred in 1994 and the miraculous nature of saving the World Cup in 90 days. Scottish Rugby President, Colin Rigby, emphasized the importance of the 1994 Women’s World Cup in growing the game of rugby for women both in Scotland and globally.

Overall, “90 Days” is a dramatic retelling of how a group of determined women rescued the 1994 Women’s Rugby World Cup, saving the sport for future generations.

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