Sustainable Spirits: Spirit Company Eliminates Whisky Presentation Boxes in Eco-Friendly Initiative

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Wemyss Family Spirits is phasing out its presentation boxes and cartons to achieve net zero, saving more than a tonne of carbon yearly. The company, which owns and operates Kingsbarns Distillery near St. Andrews and Wemyss Malts, aims to become one of the greenest in the sector. William Wemyss, the founder, views this move as a milestone in the company’s journey towards true sustainability, driven by a sense of responsibility. The decision to remove cartons and boxes from the products is expected to have a significant impact and aligns with consumer demand for more sustainable products. By-products of the distilleries such as spent grains are repurposed, and the sales team has transitioned to 100% electric car use. The company is focused on reaching net zero ahead of both industry and UK targets and aspires to be recognized as one of the world’s greenest spirits companies. For more information, visit

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