Scottish Butcher Innovates with ‘World’s First Chocolate Haggis’ in Celebration of Burns Night

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A Scottish butcher has released the world’s first chocolate haggis ahead of Burns Night. Simon Howie wanted to do something special ahead of the big day on 25 January and has come up with the sweet treat. Available for £5 in most supermarkets, it’s made with a blend of dark chocolate and white choc chips. It was described as a chocolate brownie pudding, suitable for vegetarians, and is made to be served as a hot dessert, with ice cream or cream. The new haggis chocolate has also been branded to pay homage to Cadbury’s ‘Gorilla’ made famous in a 2007 advert. Simon Howie remade their own version of the iconic promotion, which features a life sized haggis playing the drums to The Bonnie Banks o’ Loch Lomond. Simon Howie will make over 1.3 million haggis to be sold during January in the run up to Burns Night 2024.

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