Reviving the Oldest Scottish Tartan for Modern Wearers

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The oldest piece of Scottish tartan ever found has been recreated after being discovered 40 years ago in a peat bog. Dating back to 1500-1600 AD, The Glen Affric Tartan underwent testing last year to confirm it was the oldest surviving piece of tartan and was exhibited at the V&A Dundee. It was the first to show a distinctive tartan pattern with multiple crossing lines of different dyed yarns. Now, it has been recreated for people to wear by the House of Edgar under the guidance of a tartan historian. The tartan features the colors that were confirmed through dye analysis of the original tartan. The historian who guided the manufacturer in recreating the product is Peter E MacDonald, who is head of research and collections at the Scottish Tartans Authority.

The new Glen Affric tartan is available for purchase from The House Of Edgar, and a percentage of all sales goes to The Scottish Tartans Authority to support its work preserving the fabric of the nation.

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