Renowned Alasdair Gray Masterpiece Up for Auction

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The painting ‘Glasgow Triumph of Death (Fall of Star Wormwood)’ by Alasdair Gray, regarded as his ‘masterwork’, will be auctioned off after being in private hands since the 1950s. It was exhibited at the Glasgow McLellan Gallery and then at Edinburgh’s Gateway Theatre in 1957. The painting is considered the ‘ultimate visual realization of the literary, artistic, and philosophical preoccupations’ which Gray encapsulated in his novel Lanark. Inspired by Breughel’s Triumph of Death and Hieronymus Bosch’s apocalyptic paintings, the artwork is expected to sell for £25,000 to £35,000. Gray, a multifaceted artist, was known for his work as a poet, playwright, novelist, painter, and printmaker, and is remembered for his eccentric persona. His artworks have been widely exhibited across Scotland and are held by important international collections. The Lyon & Turnbull auction for the painting will take place online on 10 January.

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