Reflections of Glasgow: Billy Connolly’s New Artwork Honoring Childhood and Robin Williams

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Billy Connolly has launched his Born on a Rainy Day Collection, reflecting on his life in Scotland and Florida. He recalls his Glasgow childhood, the Scottish countryside, and his hobby of fishing near his Florida home. The pieces in the collection include Step We Gaily, Wee Warrior with Targe, Extinct Scottish Cat, Permit From Memory, Baby Flier, and The Charmer. Each limited edition piece is signed by Billy and is priced at £1,250 individually or £6,250 for a set of six, framed. Billy’s artwork has evolved from black and white to color, and he has also ventured into sculptures, reflecting his past as a welder in the Glasgow shipyards. His works were collected into a deluxe coffee table book in 2023, with commentary by Billy himself.

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