Rediscovery of Exceptionally Rare Moss in Close Proximity to Edinburgh

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Rare moss discovered near Edinburgh has not been found in the UK since 1987. Round-leaved bryum was found at Threipmuir Reservoir near Balerno, Edinburgh, thanks to a collaboration between NatureScot and Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. The moss prefers to live in areas where other species cannot survive. Its habitat appears only occasionally, such as when water levels are temporarily low. However, the condition of the reservoir changed in 2010, which removed the moss’s preferred habitat conditions. Scotland has over 900 species of moss, and 40 are listed as GB Critically Endangered and Internationally Important. The rediscovery of this rare and endangered moss highlights the importance of creating the best conditions and protecting nature. The unique habitat needed by the moss only appears occasionally, and its conservation in the area is helping biodiversity. However, the increasing artificial stabilization of lakes and reservoirs is pushing the moss towards extinction in Britain.

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