Rare Sight: Balmoral Estate Opens up to Visitors for Capercaillie Mating Ritual Viewing

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The rare mating ritual of endangered birds can now be watched without disturbance, thanks to a new visitor attraction on Balmoral Estate. The lek is one of nature’s wonders, where large male capercaillie square off to prove themselves to a potential mate. With less than 600 capercaillie left in Scotland, they are protected during mating season. Visitors to Balmoral can now experience the lekking capercaillie up-close on a high definition screen and learn about the bird in depth. Project manager Carolyn Robertson emphasized the need to protect capercaillie from human disturbance. With only 532 capercaillie left in the UK, the aim is to allow people to see the birds without causing issues for them. Balmoral Estate Factor Richard Gledson expressed the estate’s commitment to preserving the capercaillie population and offering a unique experience for visitors to enjoy and learn about this iconic bird in Royal Deeside.

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