Rare Highland Pony Foals Arrive at Rum

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The Rum National Nature Reserve has two new rare Highland pony foals, Fhuarain and Shellesder, settling in well. They are part of a herd of around 20 ponies maintained by NatureScot. Fhuarain means spring or burn, and Shellesder means Iris in Gaelic, both are glens on Rum. These ponies play an essential role in deer management on the NNR and are carefully bred and managed to ensure the long-term survival of this rare breed. Visitors and locals can spot these ponies roaming freely on the island, along with a herd of 11 Highland cattle that also help with conservation efforts. The cattle maintain and improve protected grassland habitats by grazing, while the ponies contribute to deer management work on the reserve. Additionally, the island has a thriving breeding colony of Manx shearwater, with 75% of monitored burrows producing chicks in 2023.

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