OffshoreCorpTalk Forum’s 250K Milestone Attracts Sponsorship Partner

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OffshoreCorpTalk provides more variety and flexibility in terms of wealth and finances in a world where taxes and death are all that is certain. The OffshoreCorpTalk forum has experienced a productive year in 2023. After a summer holiday that brought only security updates and new features, the fall season has begun with a series of updates. There are around 23,000 members on the community forum, which is divided into several sections, such as mentor groups gold for business collaborations and exclusive guides. As a low profile forum, the community has grown through word of mouth and recommendations, reaching impressive numbers and an astonishing reputation. OffshoreCorpTalk has become the largest online community for offshore professionals. People from all walks of life are joining to learn more about their finances, as well as to find new business partnerships. A new partnership has also been announced for the forum sponsorship this week. In the past four years, DLS Dubai has been the primary sponsor of the forum. The Dubai-based company offers business formation services to those interested in doing business in Dubai. Sponsorship renewals underlined a successful collaboration, helping both OffshoreCorpTalk and DLS Dubai grow.

After implementing a new business model, DLS Dubai ceased sponsorship. The lengthy process is expected to end soon, so the management expects to sign a new sponsorship deal with OffshoreCorpTalk. Recently, the forum management attempted to conduct a live interview with the management, but Fred, part of the DLS Dubai management, had some health issues, so it was postponed. In the meantime, the forum still has a primary sponsor. Emirates Setup has just signed a new partnership with OffshoreCorpTalk.

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With offices in Abu Dhabi since 2016, the LLC provides business formation services, help with bank accounts, and other company related services.  One of the best established companies in this field, it is the first European-run company formation service in Dubai. One of the best rated agencies in the Emirates and a multi-award winning entity in the company formation industry, Emirates Setup, has agreed to sponsor OffshoreCorpTalk forum. In the coming years, we hope to have a fruitful and long-lasting partnership that benefits both parties.”Emirates Setup also provides visa services, regardless of type, as well as tax and VAT accounting. In light of the previous four-year sponsorship from DLS Dubai, the forum management expects the new partnership to be equally fruitful. In order to diversify wealth and improve income, people from all kinds of business industries have established OffshoreCorpTalk as a tight-knit community.

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