Lochlea Distillery: John Campbell’s Reflections on the Release of 5 Year Old Whisky

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In 2021, John Campbell left his 20-year career at Laphroaig distillery to take on a new challenge at Lochlea distillery in Ayrshire. Lochlea is one of the few distilleries in Scotland that uses its own grown barley and has plans to become a single-site distillery. They have released their five-year-old single malt, representing Lochlea at its oldest age. Campbell expressed the pressure and dynamic flow of working in a small business, but also highlighted the creative freedom that comes with starting something new and building the image of Lochlea. The distillery aims to deepen its roots in the community and become more sustainable. The five-year-old whisky is a limited edition with unique characteristics and has been very popular since it was released on Burns Night. Campbell emphasized the significance of whisky in his life and the enjoyment of being part of the whisky community.

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