Katherine’s Mission: Shedding Light on Hidden Histories

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Scottish writer Rona Munro is on a mission to give Scotland back lost parts of its history.

Since 2014 she has been bringing to life some of history’s forgotten stories through her James Plays series. The award winning productions tell the stories of four generations of Stewart Kings as they ruled over Scotland in the fifteenth century.

Following the success of James I, James II, James III and James IV, Rona is now getting ready to bring the fifth installment to the stage.

Based on the true story of Katherine Hamilton and her 1534 trial for heresy, James V: Katherine will premiere in April 2024 in The Studio, Edinburgh, before touring venues across Scotland.

In the play, 19-year-old Katherine is a respectable young married woman, but she also has a secret love she’s trying to forget.

When her brother, Patrick, is executed for preaching ideas forbidden by the church, Katherine is also put on trial for her life. In a packed courtroom, watched by most of Edinburgh and the cynical, young King James V, Katherine fights for survival, using her intelligence and wit.

This play is based on real historical figures and is a dramatic interpretation of key events at the very start of the Scottish Reformation, events that did happen and did change Scotland forever. It is also a love story.

Actress Catriona Faint will star in the lead role of Katherine, alongside Sean Conor, Benjamin Osugo and Alyth Ross in the co-production between Scottish theatre producers Raw Material and Edinburgh’s Capital Theatres.

‘This play was always intended to be very different in tone and style to the first four but will continue their larger story and, hopefully, my ambition to make invisible histories visible,’ Rona said,

For tour dates and tickets visit https://www.capitaltheatres.com/whats-on/all-shows/james-v-katherine/2262

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