Introducing Solterra: Subaru’s Debut Electric Vehicle

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It’s been a while since we drove a Subaru, so we were excited to try the new Solterra, Subaru’s first electric car. Some people don’t think it looks rugged enough for a Subaru, but we disagree – it’s tough, versatile, and stylish. The Solterra is similar to the bZ4X, a car made in partnership with Toyota. It satisfies Subaru fans with its 4×4 capabilities and impressive driving experience. The interior is well-equipped and spacious, with traditional instruments and a 12.3-inch screen. The boot space is not the best, but it’s ample for most drivers’ needs. The name “Solterra” combines “sol” and “terra,” Latin words for “sun” and “earth,” reflecting Subaru’s commitment to eco-friendly SUV capabilities. Prices start at just over £50,000, but the year-long savings on fuel costs make it attractive. The range is stated to be 289 miles for the Limited and 257 for the Touring, although our experience differed due to cold weather. Despite tough competition, the Solterra’s all-wheel drive and impressive capabilities make it a serious contender in the crossover market.

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