Introducing LiverScan: Scotland’s Pioneering Private Liver Health Screening Service

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Liver Health: Importance of Regular Checkups

It was a tough experience dealing with hepatitis and witnessing my mother’s struggles with an inherited liver disease. These events highlight the crucial need to prioritize liver health. Scotland’s first private screening service for liver health, LiverScan, offers a timely solution to address this concern.

Using the gold standard FibroScan® device, LiverScan provides a painless, non-invasive liver screening that takes only about 15 minutes. This eliminates the year-long waiting list for NHS liver examinations. Fatty liver disease, a significant health risk, often goes undetected due to its asymptomatic nature. The clinic aims to raise awareness about this condition and promote necessary lifestyle changes for prevention.

Over 20% of the Scottish population suffers from liver damage, with alcohol consumption and poor dietary habits being major contributors. The good news is that fatty liver disease is reversible through early detection and lifestyle modifications. Despite initial concerns about my liver health, having this knowledge empowers me to take proactive steps to improve my condition.

With the right precautions and regular screenings, we can safeguard our liver from potential threats and lead healthier lives.

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