Indulge in the Top 5 Scottish Delicacies to Honor Burns Night

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To truly embrace the revelry of the Scots, Burns Night is the night of the year to celebrate. Celebrated on the 25th of January, this evening honours Scotland’s national bard Robert Burns, and is a time to enjoy some of the country’s most celebrated delicacies. The House of Bruar has selected seven of the most scrumptious Scottish delicacies you should try on Burns Night.

Haggis: A good haggis has a lovely blend of nutty textures and delicious spiced flavours that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s a treat to be enjoyed on Burns Night and beyond.

Black Buns: Traditionally eaten on Hogmanay, these fruit cakes enveloped in shortcrust pastry are a delight all year round, offering unique festive flavors.

White Pudding: Also known as ‘Oatmeal’ or ‘Mealy Pudding’, white pudding is a savory dish traditionally served with a cooked breakfast, made with oatmeal, suet, and onions for a more refined finish.

Shortbread: Shortbread has been part of Scotland’s heritage for centuries, being made by hand to the classic recipe, offering a taste of Scottish history with its crumbly texture, buttery finish, and sweet vanilla notes.

Scottish Gin: Scotland has a global reputation for its whisky, but artisan Scottish gins like Rock Rose, Hendricks, and The Botanist, made using local botanicals, are producing some of the best gins in the world, offering unique flavors and outstanding offerings.

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