Highland Spirits: Scottish Gin Chosen for Exclusive $125,000 Oscars Gift Bags

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A Scottish spirits maker has made it to Hollywood with its gin being chosen for the $125,000 gift bags at the Oscars. Gin Bothy, distilled in Angus, will be part of an extravagant offering hand-delivered to the top 25 Oscar nominees in February. The exclusive gift set is called ‘the ultimate swag bag’ and has been given to nominees like Cate Blanchett, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Steven Spielberg in the past. This year’s likely nominees include Cillian Murphy, Bradley Cooper, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Emma Stone.

Each bag contains around 60 items, such as plots of land and luxury stays in an ancient Scottish castle. Gin Bothy has created an exclusive batch for the Hollywood superstars, using Scottish heather and Scots’ pine and rosemary and will be uniquely numbered 1-25.

Kim Cameron, the owner of Gin Bothy, expressed her excitement at the opportunity to showcase her product to global superstars. She mentioned that the chance to pitch for a place at the Oscars came after a conversation with the owner of Turin Castle, near Forfar, who recommended Gin Bothy after a taste test. Kim sees this opportunity as a way to promote Scottish spirits and inspire others in the industry.

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