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Our country is filled with talent when it comes to artists and auction houses. We have interviewed some top auctioneers and gallery owners to find out about the most unusual and expensive items they have sold.

David Reid, owner of Ballater Gallery, began his career in commercial estate before transitioning to art. He has sold a painting by Jack Morrocco for £57,000, as well as a deer sculpture by David Meredith for an undisclosed amount.

Anita Manning, managing director of The Great Western Auctions, shared the story of a WW2 military wristwatch that sold for £44,000 and an oil sketch by John William Waterhouse that achieved £54,000 despite being in poor condition.

Sybelle Thomson, an auctioneer at Thomson Roddick Callan Auctioneers, sold a gun from HMS Bounty for £17,000 and a collection of medals for Bertram Sidney Thomas for £29,000.

Mark David Hatwood, owner of The Harbour Gallery, highlighted a painting by Ilric Shetland that sold for £12,000 and a piece by Jamel Akib for £1,195.

Lastly, Gavin Gardiner, managing director for Gavin Gardiner Auctioneers, talked about selling a Crocodile Gun for £40,000 and King Edward VIII’s pair of Purdey sidelock ejector guns for £246,000.

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