Exploring the Treasures of the Rhine with Viking Cruises: A Review

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I’ll confess – I never thought I’d set sail on a cruise. The mere notion made me anxious. Cringeworthy performances, noisy kids, uninspiring cuisine, and no chance for solitude? To preserve my sanity, I’d prefer to stay put. That was before I discovered Viking Cruises, a Norwegian-owned company exclusively for adults that prioritizes the comfort and ‘cultural enrichment’ of passengers. While cruising down the River Rhine on the Viking Alruna longship, I basked in the peaceful luxury of the lounge with a flute of Champagne. My preconceptions were shattered – this experience was nothing like I imagined. After a 10-day voyage through Switzerland, Germany, France, and The Netherlands on the Treasures of the Rhine route, I am a Viking enthusiast. Here’s why.

THE VIKING EXPERIENCE: From the moment you step aboard the Alruna, you are pampered. Transportation from the airport to the ship, seamless luggage handling, and a detailed schedule for the next day await you. The longship is designed for relaxation – ideal for outdoor aperitifs, post-excursion banquets, and Nordic-inspired decor that exudes tranquility and natural light. With just 190 guests in 95 staterooms, you’ll get to know your fellow travelers. Yet, if you crave solitude, there are ample quiet spaces to unwind. Pro-tip: Opt for a room with a veranda for a private outdoor haven.

WHERE YOU’LL VISIT: The 10-day Treasures of the Rhine expedition begins in Basel, Switzerland, and concludes in Amsterdam. You’ll glide past fairy-tale castles, awe-inspiring cathedrals, and renowned wine regions along the Middle Rhine. Each stop, from Basel to Amsterdam, offers a blend of history and beauty. Top tip: Participate in the guided walking tours in each destination – they are enlightening and aid in navigation.

INCLUDED TRIPS NOT TO BE MISSED: The Basel walking tour, Black Forest excursion, Cologne walking tour, and Heidelberg walking tour were all highlights of the voyage. Engage in these expeditions to immerse yourself in the history and charm of each location.

OPTIONAL EXTRAS: Consider the ‘Flavours of Alsace’ tour in Strasbourg for a delectable culinary experience. Book these additional excursions early to avoid disappointment.

WHO IS THE CRUISE FOR? Viking cruises cater to adults over 18 who appreciate cultural immersion and relaxation. This voyage is an enriching experience for all adults, regardless of age.

DINING: Viking Cruises offer a food-centered journey with culinary classes, history lectures, and local delicacies. Embrace the gastronomic adventure!

In conclusion, Viking Cruises provide a sophisticated and immersive travel experience for adults seeking relaxation and enrichment. Pack your bags and set sail for a voyage unlike any other!

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