Embracing Destiny: Scone Palace Awaits

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Scone Palace is set to kick off its season with an array of exciting events this spring. The palace will host a series of themed activities to celebrate the return of the Stone of Destiny to Perthshire as well as the Easter Weekend, from 29 March to 31 March. The highlight of the weekend will be the opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in Scottish history by partaking in various interactive experiences. Families are invited to join in the festivities with a range of enjoyable activities designed for all ages. Scone Palace has long been a beacon of Scotland’s rich heritage, and this Easter weekend promises to be a memorable occasion for visitors from near and far.

Date: Friday, March 29th – Sunday, March 31st
Location: Scone Palace, Perthshire, Scotland
For further information and ticket purchases, please visit Scone Palace’s official website: www.scone-palace.co.uk

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