Dressed for Success: A glimpse into the dynamic world of costume design at Scottish Opera

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Lorna Price, the Head of Costume at Scottish Opera, has a busy and ever-changing schedule. She starts her day by reading morning emails around 9.30am. Lunch is often skipped, especially on technical rehearsal days, when she may work until 11pm. Despite the long hours, Lorna enjoys the variety in her job, whether it’s attending design meetings, shopping for fabric, fitting costumes, or budgeting for productions like the upcoming La Traviata.

La Traviata, first staged by Scottish Opera in 2008, is now being prepared for a new run. Lorna’s role involves maintaining and renovating the original costumes, some of which may need to be remade due to wear and tear. She is committed to preserving the original design concept while ensuring the costumes fit the new cast and chorus perfectly.

Lorna’s passion for costume design and sewing dates back to her childhood, when she fell in love with her grandmother’s Victorian sewing machine. She started making her own clothes at the age of nine and developed a love for vintage fashion. Despite initial discouragement from pursuing a career in theater, Lorna found her niche in the costume department, combining her creative skills with her love for history.

Over her 37-year career, Lorna has continued to learn and grow in her role. She acknowledges the challenges of working within tight budgets and tight deadlines, but finds satisfaction in the collaborative nature of theater production. Despite the demanding nature of her job, Lorna finds solace in swimming, which helps her reset and unwind.

For those considering a career in costume design or production, Lorna offers a word of caution – it’s all-consuming and can take over your life. However, for Lorna, the joy of creating and bringing stories to life on stage makes it all worth it.

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