Clan Ewing to Select Its Inaugural Clan Chief in 250 Years

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Clan Ewing has been without a chief since 1776. Now, after 250 years, hopes are high a new leader will be appointed before it’s too late. The last known Chief of Clan Ewing was Robert Ewing of Craigtoun, who is believed to have died in 1776. Since then, the line of descent has been lost, and it has not been possible to discover the heir to the chiefship by right of inheritance.

Since the clan’s last Family Convention in 2014, Clan Ewing has been led by its commander, John Thor Ewing. But the institution of commander can only be an interim measure, and the clan has decided the time has now come to appoint a chief.

The Ewing Family Association is organising a new Family Convention to be held later this year on both sides of the Atlantic when, unless a hereditary claimant can be securely established, a new chief will be appointed by the clan. Among the candidates will be John Thor Ewing, current Commander of Clan Ewing.

If you think you have a legitimate claim to be chief of this historic clan, or if you wish to stand for election as chief, Clan Ewing would love to hear from you. The Ewing Family Convention will be held on 21 September at Strathleven House, West Dunbartonshire and simultaneously at the Crowne Plaza St Louis Airport Hotel, Bridgeton, Missouri, USA. Find out more, or register to vote at:

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