Cask & Still: Get the Latest Whisky News in Our New Issue!

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The latest issue of Cask & Still is out now with all the latest whisky news. Once again it has been a huge year for whisky. More distilleries have been built, with yet more planned for the near future. The momentum behind Scotland’s national drink shows no sign of flagging. This issue highlights the ways in which whisky is working hard to stay relevant, ensuring that its production is as sustainable and environmentally sympathetic as possible, as covered by Peter Ranscombe. We also explore the increasingly inventive ways in which whisky markets itself, including its alliance with luxury goods and its use of art as a powerful branding tool. In addition, we feature a piece on the connection between art and whisky, and the trend of distilleries collaborating with artists. We also have a piece from celebrity chef Tom Kitchin sharing his enduring love for whisky and some easy-to-make cocktail recipes from Lind & Lime Gin. Read it all and more here –…/docs/cask_and_still_issue_17

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