Capturing Scotland’s Splendor: The Photography of Sylvan Buckley

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From capturing the Milky Way on the Isle of Skye to sunrise at Ben A’an, Scotland’s dramatic landscapes provide the perfect inspiration for Sylvan Buckley. A hobby turned passion, Buckley’s interest in photography blossomed when his wife gifted him a DSLR camera for his 40th birthday. Though restricted to a hobby for now, Buckley aspires to pursue a career in photography. The Scottish scenery, with its momentary beauty, serves as the primary inspiration for his work. From tranquil hill walks to breathtaking night skies, the natural wonders of Scotland have always captivated Buckley. His grandmother’s influence, pointing out stars and constellations during his childhood, has guided him in his astro-photography endeavors. Additionally, the technical challenges of photography, such as mastering shutter speeds and settings, have become a source of enjoyment for Buckley. Despite the technical aspects, the ultimate satisfaction for Buckley comes from sharing his photos and invoking positive emotions and memories in others.

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