Capturing Scotland: The Photography of Brian Pollock – February 2024

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Scottish Field magazine featured keen mountain climber Brian Pollock speaking about his landscape photography in the February 2024 edition. Born near Glasgow in the west of Scotland, Pollock has lived there most of his life. He grew up climbing trees and causing trouble, but didn’t develop an interest in photography until later in life. After discovering climbing in his twenties, he bought a camera to document his experiences. His photography was initially focused on climbing, but he transitioned to landscape photography after buying a new camera. Pollock’s landscape photography is influenced by his love for the Scottish Highlands and the work of other photographers such as Alex Nail, Joe Cornish, and others. He credits his progression in photography to his genuine enthusiasm and joy in the process. Pollock continues to be motivated by his passion for experiencing and photographing the places that inspire him most. He is supported by his wife and puppy. To find out more about Brian Pollock’s photography, visit his WEBSITE. Alternatively, follow him on Instagram @brianpollockphoto.

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