Capturing Scotland: The Photography of Alastair MacDonald Jackson

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After almost two years exploring the most remote areas of Scotland, Alastair MacDonald Jackson has truly captured the essence of island life through photography. Having been a dedicated hillwalker, Alastair initially started taking pictures to document his walks, but soon found himself hooked. Growing up on Skye and eventually settling on the North Ayrshire coast, he has always been drawn back to the islands, especially Skye, which he considers home.

Alastair’s latest book, Scottish West Coast Islands in Photographs, features around 130 captivating images from his travels to 42 islands off the west coast. Grouped into Seasons, Life, and Places, the book provides a comprehensive glimpse into the diverse landscapes and cultures of the islands. With a foreword by BBC’s Paul Murton, the book aims to inspire others to explore these hidden gems.

Throughout his journey, Alastair immersed himself in the island life, camping out and engaging with the locals to truly understand the essence of each place. From the picturesque beaches of Islay to the community spirit of Eigg and Gigha, each island left its unique mark on Alastair’s photography. Despite the challenges of unpredictable weather and limited amenities, Alastair’s dedication to showcasing the beauty and challenges of island life shines through in his work.

From Islay’s friendly locals to Tiree’s perfect surf, Alastair’s island highlights reflect the diverse experiences he encountered during his travels. Through his photographs, Alastair tells a compelling story of the islands, capturing the essence of their landscapes and the resilience of their communities. Dive into the world of Scottish West Coast Islands in Photographs to experience the magic of Scotland’s hidden treasures through Alastair’s lens.

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