Capturing Life at Corner on the Square, Muir of Ord: A Visual Essay

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Corner on the Square may appear to be just like any other deli, but it has a reputation that draws people from all corners of the country to visit. Even the Hebridean Baker has made the trip to experience this unique spot. Photography intern Rachel Bolton decided to pay a visit to the deli to see for herself what all the hype was about.

Established in 2003, Corner on the Square has been providing the people of Easter Ross and beyond with a cozy and welcoming place to enjoy locally sourced foods. Rachel wanted to delve deeper into what makes this deli stand out. Located just nine miles outside of Inverness, the deli is a popular stop for tourists embarking on the iconic North Coast 500 route.

After almost twenty years in business, Corner on the Square took on new owners, Tara and Lewis. Tara, who had been a loyal customer for 15 years, felt the pressure of maintaining the beloved establishment when she and her brother took over. They were determined to preserve the charm that previous owners had built while also introducing new and exciting elements to the deli.

Tara and Lewis have successfully continued the legacy of Corner on the Square, becoming an integral part of the community in Muir of Ord. The village itself is known for its vibrant atmosphere and independent shops. According to Tara and assistant manager Joanna Renwick, there is something for everyone in Muir of Ord, making it a popular destination beyond just the deli.

Despite not being a regular visitor to Corner on the Square, Rachel was impressed by the warmth and hospitality of the staff. The family-oriented atmosphere of the deli was a refreshing change from city life. Tara attributes the success of Corner on the Square to the combination of great service, quality food, and friendly staff.

The food at Corner on the Square certainly lives up to its reputation. Rachel enjoyed two breakfasts at the deli and found the food to be delightful. With a wide variety of items including alcohol, cheeses, meats, cakes, and scones, Corner on the Square is a treasure trove of culinary delights.

Tara takes pride in sourcing all of the deli’s products from local producers, no matter how small. This commitment to local suppliers not only strengthens the bond with the community but also promotes sustainable practices in a world dominated by fast food and mass production.

Overall, Corner on the Square is a shining example of a business that prioritizes kindness and consideration in every aspect. The next time you find yourself heading north, make sure to stop by this gem of a deli in Muir of Ord for a truly exceptional experience.

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