Cairngorms National Park: £10m funding to achieve net zero status

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The UK’s biggest national park, Cairngorms, has been granted a £10.7 million windfall to aid in its efforts to achieve net zero emissions, with additional plans to prescribe nature as part of the NHS. The funding, provided by The National Lottery Heritage Fund, will support the Cairngorms 2030 project, with a potential overall value of up to £42.3 million. The aim is for Cairngorms to become the first national park in the UK to reach net zero by 2030, with other ambitious goals including creating 1,500 football pitches worth of new woodland and developing the world’s first outdoor dementia resource center. The program also aims to work with various partners, including the NHS, local schools, NGOs, and businesses, to deliver 20 projects over five years and ultimately benefit the surrounding communities and nature. First Minister Humza Yousaf highlighted the importance of national parks in addressing climate and biodiversity crises and supporting rural communities. The Cairngorms 2030 project aims to achieve a range of objectives, including nature-friendly farming, restoring peatlands, and empowering communities to influence their own areas.

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