Best Choices in the Perfect Solutions

Best Choices in the Perfect Solutions

One only has to take a look at the chapter headings by Thomas Brandlmeier to understand what the film noir is made of: “Changed gender roles, loss of American innocence, amnesia and post-war shock, schizophrenia in marriage and love, moral ambiguity, anti-social and defeatist tendencies, paranoia, alienation and claustrophobia, Oedipus and Electra, psychosomatic motives, fetishism, amnesia and repression, weapon fetishism and necrophilia, fetish character of money “, etc.

To ask? The world is broken, people are in need – this realization, captured on celluloid by the directors and screenwriters during and after the years of World War II, was obvious in view of the threat that they were facing. In 123movies tv you can find the best options available now.

Hidden messages in response to world events

Hollywood was a long way from the European theaters of war, but the USA could not turn away from world events: “Preparations for the film began in August 1941, shooting took place between October 27th and December 6th, with two days of post-shooting on December 15 and 16, in between lies a fateful date: on December 7, 1941, the Japanese bombed the American fleet in Pearl Harbor “, writes Frank Arnold in the booklet of the DVD edition of” Die Scarhand “. In Tuttle’s film, which is based on a template by the British novelist Graham Greene, it was, among other things, about poison gas which is to be bought up by the Japanese!

The film settings were not always as gloomy as in the noir masterpiece “Die Scarhand”. Don Siegel’s “The Red Loop”, created at the end of the decade and starring Robert Mitchum in the leading role, was also a genre variation in matters of crime, murder and chase (which were mainly shot on original locations in sun-drenched Mexico), the film doesn’t come across as gloomy though, mixes adventure and crime scenes and also has a few humorous scenes.

Robert Mitchum was allowed to stay in the film despite the drug offense

By the way: Mitchum was arrested during filming and charged with drug possession. A misfortune for the producer, the eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes: “For Hughes and RKO (the production company, editor’s note) it looked like a catastrophe bad publicity in a climate of moral armament. This was exacerbated by the fact that Mitchum had become one of the studio’s main stars with films like ‘Crossfire’ and ‘Out of the Past’ (both 1947). To distance oneself from him and to drop him like a hot potato would have meant that it was already wacky, but still Unlisted films with him would be dead capital for a long time. So Hughes gave him full support and got him a prominent defense attorney, “writes Frank Arnold.

Film Don Siegel’s Red Noose

Today, Hollywood is playing it safe, as demonstrated by the case of Kevin Spacey, whose scenes have just been completely cut out of Ridley Scott’s new film. Mitchum was allowed to stay in then, the Hollywood lawyers knocked him out. Today the dream factor has priority again in Hollywood. Masterfully gloomy dramas like those in the decade of film noir are seldom seen in today’s Hollywood.