Beauty Sleep: Embracing Nature’s Power with IMAGE Skincare at the Sleeping Beauty Salon

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Tucked away on a quiet street just a minute from the West End of Princes Street, the Sleeping Beauty salon on Edinburgh’s Alva Street is a very welcome port in what is a typically Scottish storm. The rain is persistent and the wind is relentless as I bluster my way into the calm of reception. But as warm as the welcome is, I’m not here purely to shelter from the weather. I’ve been invited to try out an IMAGE skincare facial treatment. Rhiannon, my therapist, asks me lots of questions about my skin, my main concerns and what I’d like to achieve before deciding on exactly which of IMAGE’s concentrations will work best for me. The Signature Facelift Enzyme Treatment combines Vitamin C, hydroxy acids, stem cells and enzymes to encourage cellular renewal. The active ingredients can help provide protection for skin that is prone to a variety of issues including rosacea, or redness with the aim of assisting it to remain healthy and younger looking for longer. Snuggled up on the heated bed I feel a million miles away from the real world as Rhiannon thoroughly cleanses my face in preparation for application of the peel, which is then covered with a mask and left for five minutes to take effect while I enjoy a relaxing scalp massage. IMAGE products are all natural and they smell amazing too. The scent of oranges engulfs the room as Rhiannon applies the Vitamin C, aloe vera and fruit enzyme enriched products. Just as she’d explained it would, my face feels pleasantly tingly and warm as the peel takes effect and then instantly cool and calm as it is removed and deactivated. The mask is followed up with a dose of hyaluronic acid to provide an intense hit of hydration. Then an SPF moisturiser to ensure my skin remains protected when I must go once more into the breach. And thankfully, there’s time to indulge in a brief five-minute chill out in the warmth and peace of the relaxation room before I do. My skin feels smooth and relaxed post treatment and the slight redness across my cheeks soon fades to leave a lovely even skin tone. The results are great for a single treatment and just what I needed to put a spring in my step for the New Year. Sleeping Beauty Salon, 4 Alva Street, Edinburgh EH2 4QA Tel: 0131 202 7559

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