Are you finding the best 500 BTU window air conditioning system?
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Are you finding the best 500 BTU window air conditioning system?

If you want to make your living area, bed room, or any other place so cool, first of all you should need to implant the best kind of air conditioning system. It means that you have to look for both the window and portable units which have about 5000 BTU level. The 5000 btu air conditioners are really the best choice and run for all your cooling needs.

Some best choice of air conditioners in 5000 BTU level:

The following are the best and top rated choices of the window air conditioners from the leading brands having 5000 BTU level to satisfy all your cooling needs. They include,

Friedrich Chill Premier 5000 BTU window air conditioner

Friedrich Chill Premier 5000 BTU window AC is definitely the best model for everyone because it contains the built-in controls and also used wifi network. It is sleek & quiet, and it can handle your room of around 150 square feet using the easy installation and intuitive controls. The users can able to control the machine with the help of the GO application which comes with it. At the same time, it can also be done within the minutes so you can save your energy and also money. The following are the considerable benefits of this air conditioning system such as,

Sleep setting

Washable antimicrobial filter

Setting for money saving

Remote control

3 fan speeds

Frigidaire 5000 BTU window air conditioner

When it comes to Frigidaire 5000 BTU window air conditioner, this model has the energy efficient and EER ratio of 12.2 and it is really the great choice for the rooms of 150 SF or less. It contains the enormous choices of the operating modes and comes with the programmable timer for 24 hours. It means that the users can able to easily customize how you wish the temperature set for the next day without making any manual changes. This particular model AC actually contains an ability to change the airflow direction, remote control, anti-bacterial filter that you can wash, and also the programmable timer for 24 hours. 

Other best models of AC with 5000 BTU:

Whirlpool 5000 BTU window air conditioner

For those people who want easy to operate and something simple design within your budget, this whirlpool air conditioner is definitely a right model for you. It contains 2 dials on the front of the AC which allows you to control the mode of operation and also the temperature level. This air conditioning system is really very easy to install so you can do it whenever you require using it. It has a window kit inclusion for the easy installation and it is a perfect choice of AC for the small room. It has totally 4 fan speeds which you can select from that include low and high cooling.

KingHome 5000 BTU mechanical window air conditioner

This window air conditioner of KingHome brand includes the washable filter, quite, and lightweight. It can also be used as the dehumidifier as you want.