Age is Just a Number: James Robertson’s Insight on Modern Whiskies

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The age of whisky is an important factor in determining its quality, but it is not the only one. New distilleries are producing more single malts than ever before, some of which do not state their age, although they are legally required to be at least three years old. While some whiskies may need more time to mature, others are bottled at a young age and still maintain a good balance of freshness and quality.

The Borders Distillery recently released a limited edition blend called ‘The Long & Short Of It’, which experimented with different fermentation times to create a unique blend of flavors. The whisky has a bright yellow, gold color and offers hints of sweet barley, butterscotch, dried apricots, green apples, lemon peel, and oak. It is described as young, fresh, vibrant, and easy to drink, and is available for purchase on the distillery’s website.

Lagg Distillery, which was recently awarded Distillery of the Year at the Scottish Whisky Awards, has released a new peated whisky called the ‘Kilmory Edition’. This expression embodies the earthiness of the whiskies that were among the first to be distilled on Arran hundreds of years ago. It has been matured in first fill bourbon barrels and bottled at 46%, representing the spirit and respect for the land.

In the Scottish Field magazine, readers are encouraged not to miss the January issue for more whisky-related content.

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